These Sheepskin Boots for Dogs to Match their Owners are a MUST HAVE

Man’s best friend is certainly not forgotten about here at Jacobs & Dalton. We love to treat our pets with super fluffy and cozy pet beds in the softest of sheepskins – these are really popular among our customers who love to share snaps of their dogs snuggled up in their favourite beds.

As we approach autumn, we’ve all been really excited to kick off our sandals and get snuggy in our sheepskin boots, and we couldn’t help but think, shouldn’t our furry friends get to have that experience too?

So we decided to take it one step further…today we’re introducing the concept of Sheepskin Boots for Dogs:

We’ve sold sheepskin boots for women, kids and babies since our launch, and this new concept takes it to the next level: now our best friends can match us! We’re pawsitively mutts about these boots (sorry, we couldn’t help it!).

Exploring the outdoors with a loyal companion by your side is one of life’s biggest joys. Add in matching footwear for your dogs on year round outdoor adventures and life is all the more fun. Give your pooch a trans-fur-mation!

Imagine life in a dog’s body: no matter where you go, you’ve only got one look; no matter the weather, your little paws are always exposed. Dogs have four feet – two times as many as we do – yet how many shoes does your dog own compared to you? Dogs big and small deserve their own stylish footwear, and it’s about time they had their opportunity to shine!

Whether your pooch is more inclined to lounge around the house or they’re a wilderness explorer, these boots will allow you both to match wherever you go. When they’ve had a ruff day, soft sheepskin boots are that comfort blanket; when they’re off on adventures, these will protect their little toes.

Sadly we’re not (yet!) selling these adorable dog boots – these concept images are based around our fave baby booties, available in sizes 3-12 months with cozy sheepskin and soft soles in pastel pink, baby blue and classic tan. Don’t tell anyone, but we think they look far cuter on the dogs!