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What are the Key Interior Trends for 2022?

As we roll towards another new year, we’re optimistic to see new interior trends inspired by new sources as well as trends from previous years evolving in new and exciting ways. 

After such a strange couple of years being stuck at home for long periods during lockdown, we’ve all had time to think about what our houses and interior tastes really mean to us. Not only have we seen an explosion of people taking on DIY decor projects, but we’ve also had plenty of time to think about what makes us feel happy in our homes. As a result, we’re seeing trends that are oftentimes nostalgic, harking back to times when everything seemed right in the world, but also trends that veer far from the usual. Overall we’re seeing very mixed style vibes in interiors for 2022, bouncing between bold and bright or zen and minimalist – the uncertainty of the past couple of years and the year ahead is still translating into people’s styles.

As we already know, the colours you choose for your home can massively impact your mood and your guests’ too, and the accessories, furniture and layout of rooms can do exactly the same. Choosing how to decorate your home can feel like a big decision, so we’ve rounded up some of our top trend predictions for 2022 as well as a few ways that you can implement them – no matter your budget!

70s Vibes

One trend we’re looking forward to seeing more of is the love affair with the 70s. Our love for natural and sustainable materials has naturally evolved (or devolved!) back into the age of boho designs, saturated and cheery colour schemes and bold, eye-catching prints. The charm not only lies in bringing back that connection to nature, but this retro vibe is also a cry out for comfort; a rose-tinted view of the eclectic hippie era. 

Embracing this trend in your home can feel tricky if you’ve previously been drawn into the luxe Hinch-grey trend of recent years, but with a handful of 70s inspired accessories, your home can be the boho haven you crave.

Vintage rugs are a classic way to make a statement, and we love the idea of tying this into the shearling trend (think coats and boots as seen on celebs earlier this year) with a shaggy sheepskin that has that ultimate laidback sense of luxury. Wicker furniture, including shelving, headboards and even rattan chairs scream retro 70s vibes, or for a more easygoing, approachable way to take on the 70s trend, try wicker plant pots, the odd macrame wall hanging or a couple of mustard yellow and burnt orange throw cushions.

Cottagecore Comeback

This bounces back into what we’re calling a Cottagecore comeback. We’ve loved this pastoral, wholesome aesthetic for well over a year now, and putting a 70s twist on it fits just perfectly. If you’ve always loved shabby chic, you can rejoice as this trend is only going to continue to steal the spotlight with homeowners looking to return to their roots. Home comforts and a country cottage aesthetic are the highlights of this trend, but Anyone can embrace the cottagecore trend! Even if your home doesn’t have exposed beams or real oak floorboards, you can get the look and feel of cottagecore with a few upcycles, reusing and recycling pieces from markets, or chintzy pieces from antique shops. 

Green, Green, Green

In every sense of the word, green is the new big thing – biophilia, various shades of green paint on the walls, sustainable materials and more.

From earthy, grounding tones on kitchen cabinets, like sage that pairs perfectly alongside warm oatmeals and natural stonewashes, to big and bold tropical plants decorating our living spaces, green shades are everywhere.

We’re also thinking green in our environmental choices. Gen Z are more eco-savvy than any generation that’s gone before them and their voices are amplified on social media as the driving force behind this year’s interior trends. With natural materials such as rattan and wicker taking top spots in the 70s inspired trend, to wool and linen being key in cottagecore, not only are people actively choosing materials that will remind them of the natural world, they’re also making eco-conscious decisions.

Cosy Comfort

The cosy hygge feeling of autumn and winter in a nordic lifestyle is a trend that has come back round year after year, but this season it seems to be bigger and better than ever. As fall trends from across the pond hit our screens more and more frequently, we’re showing the world how it’s done European style.

This trend is driven by all the above trends, but also by the soothing, nostalgic feeling of winters gone by. We can’t think of anything better than snuggling up in our favourite blankets and sheepskin cushions – personally, we live by the motto that there’s “no bad weather, only bad clothes”, and this translates excellently into home interiors. This is a very sensory based concept, embracing sight, scents, tastes and more so in the next year we’ll be looking for tactile and textured materials for our homes, and candles, twinkly lights and scent diffusers will remain as popular as ever.

New Zen Minimalism

Minimalism is also back on the cards for 2022. With a newfound desire for space and freedom, people are decluttering like never before and embracing their zen. Multifunctional spaces are key to this trend, especially since we’ve seen our homes become our offices recently, but making sure that these are “hot” and can easily be turned back into a chill space is important. This doesn’t just mean choosing only items that are functional and getting rid of the rest, but instead making conscious decisions about what matters to you and enhancing those spaces physically for our mental wellbeing.

We want to make the most of every nook and cranny, whether for usable space or for storage, and for this you need to think cleverly with innovative room dividing techniques to make sure that the space still retains that zen atmosphere. The key is in choosing just one or two main materials or colours for furniture and statement pieces, but introducing interest into these areas with different textures. Use shelving or laddering to divide spaces, and think vertically as well with clean lines to create the illusion of more space to reflect the uninterrupted flow that our mindscapes desire too.


This is one trend that goes in total contrast to the others in 2022! Driven by popular TV shows such as The Crown and Bridgerton, the regal aesthetic has taken the leap from fashion items such as corset-style tops and lavish flowing dresses, to home interiors. The trend first took hold on TikTok where the hashtag #Royalcore has more than 196.6m views, but is now quickly becoming mainstream, particularly as we head towards 2022’s Platinum Jubilee – an excuse for us to celebrate in style!

This twist on the traditional is influenced partly by the grandmillennial trend popularised in the past couple of years, where youngsters are rebelling against modern stark white minimal interiors that have dominated social media spaces. The overall effect of Royalcore in your home is vintage glam, elegance and ornate romanticism. Think clawfoot bath tubs, gilded furniture and ornate velvet headboards as statement pieces, with gold or silver accessories as highlights.

The colour palette of rich and saturated jewel tones is key, but introducing pastels in key areas will modernise the overall look. For a softer take on the regency look in your home, without feeling like you’ve gone overboard, try mixing gold accents in softer, airier rooms. Look to Versailles for your inspiration – use antiques and heirlooms as centrepieces but keep the rest of the space light and modern.


Although the turning of the millennium may not seem that long ago to most of us, the Y2K trend is another that is rooted in nostalgia. Circular trends have always been a theme in interiors, but they seem to be coming quicker and quicker with every passing year! Though it’s only been 21 years since the year 2000, those who experienced it as teens with their inflatable chairs, lava lamps and bubblegum pink butterflies are yearning for those simpler days already after several tougher years, which has brought back a premature onset of this trend. We’re once again craving the rebellion of fun elements to brighten up our spaces and add a bit of fun into our everyday lives.

Rather than the tacky take on the trend that we all seem to remember, Gen Z are focusing on the softer and more longstanding elements of the style, turning butterflies and hearts into dreamy motifs that sit alongside plant walls and beaded curtains. The boho side of the early 00s definitely comes into play in this new take so that it’s not all too daring and bold!