Sheepskin Cushions

Made using genuine Tibetan sheepskin, our cushions are unrivalled in their quality and are a great accessory for any home, traditional or contemporary. The natural shaggy nature of this type of sheep’s wool is appealing for its warmth and rugged beauty, with many falling in love with its elegant, silky curls.

About Sheepskin Cushions

As well as being exceptionally luxurious, our sheepskin cushions are gorgeously soft, creating a space for relaxation and comfort in any room espcially when paired with our amazing range of skeepskin rugs .

With our sheepskin cushions, we’ve mastered sumptuous comfort alongside glamour and style. Available in a selection of natural and inspiring colours, you can choose from gorgeous greys, indulgently rich browns or even super chic creams and pinks. You’re bound to find a colour choice to suit the style of your home, no matter how unique.

These cushions lend themselves beautifully to the Nordic and Scandi lifestyle trends of hygge and friluftsliv, incorporating comfort and cosiness in your home using natural outdoor materials. Shop our selection of highly sought-after sheepskin cushions today; you won’t be disappointed.