Grey Curly Sheepskin Cushion

Product details

This beautiful Grey Curly Sheepskin Cushion matches our ever so popular Grey Curly Sheepskin Rug. The quality, and ethically sourced, genuine sheepskin gives this cushion a luxurious look and provide you with maximum comfort. Made from the UK’s finest sheepskin, this cushion is durable and easy to clean due to the amazing properties of natural sheepskin, unlike other man-made materials. This cushion will make the perfect addition to any sofa, chair or bed due to the stylish shade of grey this cushion boasts. Due to the high-quality design, this cushion will provide your body with optimum support and comfort. Due to the incredible thermoregulating properties and natural breathability of sheepskin, this means you will never feel too hot or too cold when using this cushion, making it the perfect home accessory all year round.

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