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We aim to offer the best range of products which are selected from the finest materials from around the world. Our luxury products will give you many years of use, delivered direct to your door, next day if you choose. All our products are hand selected and go through strict quality control to ensure the best quality product reaches our customers.

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A selection of luxury sheepskin products at affordable prices


Our high-quality Sheepskin rugs and cushions are sumptuously soft and are available in varying colours. Rugs are also available in single, double and quad. A matching cushion would add luxury to any room.



Our range of Sheepskin boots are the perfect gift for a loved one, providing luxurious comfort and style all year round.



For the new arrival we have our baby care range which offers cosy pram and car seat liners or the cocoon footmuff for those cold winter walks. Why not add a pair of comfy booties to keep those little toes toasty warm?



We offer an excellent pet bed range giving your cat or dog the comfiest of beds; one that is both practical and soft.


We uphold strict standards when it comes to animal welfare and transparent sourcing

Our hide and sheepskin products are all natural and derive from sustainable sources

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Throughout history hides and sheepskins have been used to make clothing, to keep us warm and to decorate our homes.

Whether you wear them, throw them over your favourite chair to keep warm or use them as rugs owning them will always be a pleasure. Sheepskin is a natural product and can therefore be worn in winter and summer. In winter you will be kept warm in temperatures as low as -30°C and in summer you will kept cool in temperatures as high as 25°C.

All our products are easily cleaned by following the simple care instructions.

Our small experienced and dedicated team are here to look after you. Your custom is important to us and we want to make your experience with Jacobs & Dalton as easy and enjoyable as possible.