Grey Tibetan Sheepskin Cushion

Product details

Tibetan sheepskin is completely unique, with a velvety and plush texture that distinguishes Himalayan highland sheep. The suede underside of this grey Tibetan sheepskin cushion is equally luxurious, yet incredibly strong and durable at the same time.

These square cushions are stuffed with flexible form-fitting padding, making these cushions firm enough to be supportive. At the same time, they are resistant enough to withstand years of snuggling up on the couch to watch movies or get lost in a book for hours on end. The lavish Tibetan sheep's wool also maintains its soft and comforting texture, without shedding or becoming tangled.

At 45 by 45 centimetres, you can neatly fit one of these grey Tibetan sheepskin cushions in every corner of your home from sofas and chairs to beds, giving it a luxurious and elegant design and look, in addition to maximising comfort.

These cushions are easy to clean too, provided you wash them at a low temperature, preferably on a wool wash cycle and using a wool shampoo.

This cushion is single sided, the backing being a dark fabric cover. Cushion pad included.

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