Grey Sheepskin Cushion

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Enjoy a traditional slice of Scandinavian culture in the comfort of your home with this exceptionally soft and comfortable grey sheepskin cushion. Sheepskin has always been an important part of keeping warm in cold Nordic countries, and it won't take you long to discover why this is a beautiful addition to your home. Whether it's your living room, bedroom or private study, this cushion is guaranteed to be a calming influence on your home interior.

Along with being elegant to look at and comforting to touch, sheepskin is known to have numerous health benefits. These include helping to regulate body temperature better than other materials (making it a perfect choice for babies whose bodies can't yet regulate themselves) and reducing bacteria build-up due to their breathable nature. This breathability makes it easier to keep clean too.

The softness of sheepskin materials can be a miracle for your aches and pains - hence why our soft sheepskin rugs are also highly popular for those who like to walk around barefoot. Nothing quite matches the feeling of coming home to hug your nice soft cushion after a hard day's work! If you haven't yet discovered the joys of sheepskin, why not give it a try.

Size 45x45cm

This cushion is single sided, the backing being a light cotton cover. Polyester cushion pad included.

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