Sheepskin Footmuffs

Footmuffs can be used in prams, pushchairs and bassinets to provide your baby with a comfortable and secure place to sit, sleep and discover whilst keeping their toes cosy. With a soft sheepskin interior, our baby footmuffs are specially designed to keep your bundle of joy cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making them ideal for year-round use.

About Sheepskin Footmuffs

Our range of luxury sheepskin baby footmuffs is made with the finest materials and to our exacting standards to create a luxurious product that is built to last. All of our sheepskin products are tanned using natural dyes with no harsh chemicals and are ethically sourced for peace of mind.

Sheepskin has the added benefit of being anti-bacterial, making it easy to clean and maintain while being strong and durable for everyday use. Sheepskins natural properties also helps regulate your baby’s temperature and can help promote better blood circulation allowing your baby to have a restful sleep to grow and develop whilst making sure they have cosy toes.