Ladies Sheepskin Boots

Explore our collection of beautiful ladies’ sheepskin boots, manufactured from the finest quality genuine sheepskin. Not only are these boots extra cosy, capitalising on sheepskin’s natural ability to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but they’re also super stylish.

About Ladies Sheepskin Boots

Our range of women’s sheepskin boots are available in a selection of heights and designs, including classic, complete with a practical and stylish toggle, and tall boots which extend up the calf for ultimate warmth. Whether you select a pair of snuggly ankle boots for day to day casual wear or a taller pair for those walks around the countryside, we guarantee that your sheepskin boots will be durable enough to withstand even the worst weather conditions.

Your comfort is our priority, and our sheepskin boots for women have been specially designed for durability with overlock stitched seams and rubber outsole, meaning they’ll last you years and become firm favourites in your wardrobe.

Chic sheepskin boots make the perfect footwear for any excursion, whether town or country and our selection of colours and designs mean we have the perfect pair for every style.

Buyers Guide

How do I keep my Sheepskin Boots clean?

Since our cosy sheepskin boots are worn outside in all weathers during the winter months, they often fall victim to muddy puddles, snow and road salt or grit, which can leave them looking a little worse for wear. While some boots can be machine washed, we don't recommend this for our boots; the genuine sheepskin needs a little more care and attention. We would recommend waiting until the suede outer of your boots is dry before giving it a quick but gentle brush to remove any abrasive dirt. You can then use a damp cloth to spot clean any marks or stains. For overall maintenance to maintain their soft finish, a specialist suede or leather cleaner can be used.

How do I clean stubborn stains on my sheepskin boots?

If the sheepskin has any stubborn stains such as from the salt used on roads, cold water and white vinegar solution blotted on the area will gently dissolve the salt. We would then recommend dampening the boots all over so that the boot air dries without watermarks. Stuffing them with a rolled towel will help to keep their shape while drying and while stored over the warmer months.

What size Sheepskin Boot should I buy?

There is a misconception that you should buy sheepskin boots a little larger, but we do not suggest this. Ideally, your sheepskin boots want to have a snug and firm fit all-around your foot, toes and leg. The super fluffy wool inside of our sheepskin boots will compress over time and will quickly mould to the shape of your foot. The sheepskin exterior will also gently soften over time for maximum comfort for many years. Our recommendation is to buy your usual size using our size guide, and not to compare our premium sheepskin boots to other shoes. The soles usually seem larger than your usual shoes, but this is because sheepskin and sheep's wool are naturally thick materials so the base is larger to accommodate this