About Us

We are a small team of passionate individuals fortunate enough to be based in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. Our team has a long and distinguished background sourcing the finest British hides and sheepskins for the tanning, and wool textile industry.

Over the years, we have purchased and enjoyed many of the industries wonderful finished products. We have since recognised that we are in a unique and privileged position to be able to create our own brand of finished articles. Our vast experience, and intimate knowledge of the industry, allows us to choose our own materials, and select the very best that the British Isles and the world has to offer, at source. We then use those materials to design and create a final product that is both superior in quality and value to that of others... And so... Jacobs & Dalton was born!

Our collections are from natural, sustainable sources, and are designed to bring style and comfort to everyday life. We are continuously expanding our range whilst maintaining our philosophy of excellent quality and value.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

Happy shopping!