Chestnut Classic (Toggle) Sheepskin Boots

Product details

Upgrade your footwear collection with these Chestnut Classic Toggle Sheepskin Boots. The chestnut colour is elegant and makes the boots perfect for casual wear. The boots are very versatile and will go with any outfit you choose to wear. They are ideal for going out on cold nights, and the sheepskin is very soft and soothing to your feet, keeping them warm and comfy in the cold weather.

The classic design features a lightweight sole that improves traction. The extra cushioning on the boots also keeps wearers comfortable even after being on their feet all day. The nylon binding and interlocking stitches at the seams further improve water resistance and produce a strong and durable bond. The boots also use sheepskin insoles for extra comfort and longevity.

Sheepskin has the natural ability to self-regulate, improving blood circulation and reducing aches and pains. Sheepskin also repels harmful bacteria while promoting the growth of useful skin bacteria and it also has crimped fibres that act as shock absorbers, relieving pressure and providing support to the wearer.

Boot height is approximately 8 inches.

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