Chestnut Classic Sheepskin Boots

Product details

A cult favourite and wardrobe staple, these chestnut sheepskin boots are a must-have! The ergonomic design of these boots means your feet will be comfortable and well supported all day long. Lined with 100% genuine sheepskin, these boots are pure luxury for your feet. Known for its amazing thermoregulating properties, sheepskin keeps your feet at the perfect temperature when wearing, meaning you will never feel too hot nor too cold. The strong and durable suede exterior of these boots means they will stay looking new for years to come. The EVA rubber sole also means these boots are designed to last and are perfect for wear both inside and out. We do recommend using a suitable suede protection spray to prevent any unnecessary water damage. The beautiful chestnut shade is very easy to pair with almost any outfit. Currently available in UK sizes 3-9.

Boot height is approximately 8 inches.


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