Black Tibetan Sheepskin Cushion

Product details

This cushion is constructed from thick, opulent, black Tibetan wool which is extremely soft and strong. As such, it makes a desirable and extremely comfortable addition to any sofa, chair or bed.

Diverse fibres in dark wool such as this can catch the light and create the beautiful effect of shimmering and changing as you move them. For a touch of contemporary class within your home, why not try this alongside its natural white counterpart.

Each piece of sheepskin is unique, thus making each cushion unique and different, but all our sheepskins are sustainably sourced to provide you with the highest quality product.

Sheepskin boasts temperature regulating, pressure absorbing and hypoallergenic properties, making it one of the top natural materials to use in the home. Also containing lanolin, sheepskin is kind and therapeutic where it comes into contact with human skin making them a great choice for newborns and young children.

The fibres in sheepskin can also help to absorb pressure and reduce aches and pains after a hard day at work, allowing you to sink back into your sofa and completely unwind.

Our Black Tibetan sheepskin cushions have been carefully designed and crafted with both beauty and comfort in mind.

Size 45x45cm.

This cushion is single sided, the backing being a dark fabric cover. Polyester cushion pad included.

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