Dark Brown Tibetan Sheepskin Cushion

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There are very few feelings in the world that welcome you back home after a long day in the office better than curling up on the couch with a hot drink and a luxurious Tibetan sheepskin cushion.

The Tibetan sheepskin is commonly likened to Mongolian sheepskin, and realistically, they’re more the same. This is because the Mongolian sheep are bred on hillsides in Tibet. Their conditions of living help aid the characteristics of their wool, which is crimped and long, keeping them warm.

This rich and smooth, long sheepskin fleece not only welcomes you in with its soft and gentle warmth but also offers natural protective properties. These lanolin-rich sheepskins create a breathable barrier to the cold, which is still kind and gentle to the skin.

The dark brown Tibetan sheepskin cushion works with almost any colour scheme making it the perfect accessory for just about any home. It can become a stunning accent piece on a beige sofa, or blend in seamlessly with a dark leather settee. The look of a sheepskin cushion on a comfy sofa has been the traditional staple of the Scandinavian interior design for decades, so why not add it to your living room.

This soft and supple padded cushion is perfectly sized at 45cm by 45cm making it a great addition to any sofa, chair or bed without taking up too much space.

This cushion is single-sided, the backing being a light brown cotton cover. Polyester cushion pad included.

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