Natural White Tibetan Sheepskin Cushion

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Our Natural White Tibetan Sheepskin Cushion adds a touch of luxury to your living room, home office or dining room and is an even cosier addition to any bedroom as a throw cushion.

Sheepskins are naturally soft, warm and hypo-allergenic, meaning that they help to soothe skin, especially as you sleep. It's just one of the reasons why newborn babies are traditionally wrapped up in them.

This particular style of wool is often referred to as Mongolian sheepskin. This is due to the Mongolian sheep originating in the hillsides of Tibet in Eastern Asia. This wool has very prominent characteristics, as well as superb properties.

This particular type of sheepskin is known for its crimped wool style that is long in length and still carries the soft and hypo-allergenic characteristics like our other wools. 

This Mongolian sheepskin is also known to yield some of the best quality natural wool fibres in the world. It’s thick, luxurious characteristics also make it excellent for keeping you warm, especially in the cooler, wintery months, making it a great addition to your home!

With a luxuriously soft Tibetan wool sheepskin cover and a fabric backing, this comfortable cushion looks fantastic on a sofa and combines with almost any colour scheme. Whether you're looking for something to match with your current scheme or contrast and give a new look to your living room without the hassle of redecorating, then a sheepskin rug is a great choice.

Scatter some of our Natural White Tibetan Sheepskin cushions on your bed or in your guest room and create a welcoming, cosy and tranquil place to relax at the end of the day.

Measuring 45cm by 45 cm and with a polyester inner included, it is ready to enjoy as soon as it arrives. This cushion is single-sided, the backing being a light cotton cover.

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