Does a Sheepskin Pet Bed Make a Good Dog Bed?

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A sheepskin pet bed is the perfect choice for a dog bed due to it’s amazing natural properties. Sheepskin is naturally thermoregulating, meaning your four legged friend will never get too hot nor too cold when laying on a pet bed made out of genuine sheepskin. Sheepskin has the ability to whisk away moisture which forms a barrier of dry air between your dog and the material which means they will not become too hot. Sheepskin also has incredible soothing properties and has the ability to relieve aches and pains, if your pet suffers from arthritis then a sheepskin pet bed is an absolute must have for them. Sheepskin is also very easy to keep clean due to it containing naturally occurring lanolin, a regular shake and gentle brush should keep your pet bed looking like new. When it comes to washing your pet bed we recommend referring to our product care guide. Genuine sheepskin also has natural antibacterial properties which means it will keep any bad pet smells at bay which is an additional bonus. We think sheepskin is the perfect choice for your dog, the only problem you may have is struggling to get them to move off it!

What is the best bed for a dog to sleep on?

Sheepskin makes for a great choice of dog bed due to its natural properties. Our sheepskin pet beds provide your dog with enough support and comfort for them to be able to have a great rest. Sheepskin has the ability to keep your dog warm but not too hot due to its natural thermoregulating properties, is naturally antibacterial and has soothing properties which can help ease joint pain. Sheepskin is also easy to keep clean which is always sought after when it comes to choosing the perfect pet bed for your furry friend.

Do dogs prefer hard or soft beds?

Dogs need to sleep on a firm surface rather than something very soft, this is because a firmer surface offers more support for their joints and a dog with musculoskeletal problems, or an older dog, may struggle to get up from a very soft and plush surface. Our pet beds are designed perfectly to meet the needs of your four legged friend and they will find them irresistibly comfortable.

Do dogs need a dog bed?

Just like us, dog’s need their own bed. Dog’s need to have their own bed so they can have a good sleep at night (and during the day!), feel comfortable, relaxed, safe and supported. It’s essential that your furry friend has a place they feel safe and content and are able to relax in. Dogs sleep for around 16 hours a day so it’s essential they have a comfortable bed that will keep them well supported, cosy and at the perfect temperature. Sheepskin offers all of these properties and more as it is thermoregulating, supportive, comfortable and naturally antibacterial.

Why do dogs like to sleep on pillows?

Just like you and me, dogs love to be comfortable, and who can blame them! What’s better than cosying up on a soft and warm pillow? Especially if that pillow is a natural sheepskin pillow, your furry friends will be drawn to snuggle up to them because of how irresistible and comforting the natural properties are. However, we recommend having a dedicated pet bed for your four legged friend as this will provide them with the support and comfort they ultimately need.

How can I keep my dog warm at night?

Allowing your dog to sleep in a 100% sheepskin pet bed will maintain the perfect body temperature for them due to it’s amazing thermoregulating properties. Often referred to as mother nature’s thermostat, genuine sheepskin has the ability to keep us, and pets, at the perfect temperature. If the temperature is especially cold and you are worried your dog may be cold, which is unlikely, you can offer them a blanket and they will wriggle out of this if they become too warm. However a blanket should not be offered to a dog who is either too old, unwell, a heavy sleeper or if you think they wouldn’t be able to get out from underneath a blanket as this runs the risk of them overheating which can be dangerous. With a sheepskin pet bed kept indoors then your dog shouldn’t require anything extra to keep them warm at night. 

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