10 Easy Ways to Create a Music Festival Vibe at Home

There are fewer things in life that are more enjoyable than attending a music festival. From the moment you arrive, the energy is palpable. The sights, sounds and smells all contribute to an unforgettable experience. But what if you can’t make it to a music festival this year? Or what if you want to relive the magic of a music festival without leaving home?

Luckily, you don’t have to travel far to get the festival feeling. With a little creativity, you can bring the festival atmosphere right into your own home. Here are 10 easy ways to create a music festival vibe at home:

1. Set the mood with lighting

One of the things that make festivals so special is the ambience. To create a similar vibe at home, start by setting the mood with lighting. Stringing some fairy lights or festoon lights around your living room or patio is an absolute must! Don’t forget to light some candles to create a warm and inviting space.

All of the pictures in this post were taken at the stunning Camp Kátur on the beautiful Camp Hill Estate. 

2. Get comfy with sheepskin rugs

Festival-goers know that one of the keys to a great time is being comfortable. And what’s more comfortable than a sheepskin rug? Spread a few around your home to create a cosy lounge area you and your friends can relax in. If the weather is nice then take your rug outside, sheepskin is naturally antibacterial and dirt repellent so it’s a perfect seating choice for outdoors too! 

3. Bring the outdoors in with plants

Nothing says festival like spending time outdoors. But if the weather isn’t cooperating, or if you just want to bring some of nature’s beauty indoors, try decorating with plants. Hang some greenery from the ceiling, or place potted plants around your living space.

4. Create a makeshift dance floor

No festival is complete without a dance floor, and you can create one at home with just a little bit of effort. Clear out some space in your living room, and lay down a piece of plywood or a large rug. Then, let the dancing begin!

5. Make your own festival food

Festival food is one of the best parts of the whole experience. But you don’t have to wait in line for overpriced food stalls. Instead, whip up your own festival-inspired dishes at home. Try making cheese toasties with a twist or serving up some burgers and sweet potato fries.

6. Sip on festival-themed cocktails

To get into the spirit at home, mix up some fun, festive cocktails. Try a Festival Mule, made with ginger beer, vodka and lime, or a Watermelon Margarita, perfect for summer sipping.

7. Listen to some tunes

Of course, no festival would be complete without music. Create your own at-home playlist, or stream a festival playlist on the likes of Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube. Crank up the volume and let the good times roll!

8. Bring the fun with games

Festival-goers know that one of the best parts of the experience is meeting new people and playing games together. To recreate that feeling at home, break out some classic party games like charades or Twister. Or, if you’re feeling competitive, set up a bean bag toss tournament or a water balloon fight.

9. Get crafty with DIY decorations

One of the things that makes festivals so special is the all-encompassing feeling of fun. To bring that feeling home, get crafty with some DIY decorations. Make your own signs and banners, or string together some colourful streamers. The sky’s the limit!

10. Have a campout in your garden

Festival-goers know that one of the best parts of the experience is spending time camping under the stars. Bring that festival feeling home by having a campout in your own back garden. Make your tent super cosy with sheepskin cushions and rugs for the ultimate hygge vibe, toast some marshmallows, tell ghost stories and sleep under the stars. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget.

So there you have it! 10 easy ways to create a music festival vibe at home. Now all you need is some good music and great company and you’re ready to party!