Discover the Fluffiest World of Jacobs & Dalton on TikTok

Are you a big fan of our super soft sheepskin products? Perhaps just a connoisseur of all things soft, warm, and fluffy? You can keep up to date with that as we’re now on TikTok! Here at Jacobs & Dalton, we will be aiming to provide behind-the-scenes content, regular stock updates, and a closer look at just how cosy and high quality our products are.

Join us as we explore TikTok, showcasing cosy interiors and on trend outfits in your feed. We will also answer any and all questions our customers may have about anything sheepskin, offer DIY interior hacks for your home and some top tips on how to maintain your sheepskin products. Also keep your eyes peeled as you may see your order being picked and packed!

Behind the Scenes at Jacobs & Dalton

We want to provide our followers with a unique and fascinating glimpse into the making of their luxury sheepskin products, who we are and where we are located in North Yorkshire.

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Our Fluffy Sheepskin Products Take Centre Stage

With our TikTok account, we have the opportunity to bring our products to life, showcasing the incredible variety of colours, textures, and styles. Our videos feature everything from luxurious rugs and throws to stylish slippers and gorgeous sheepskin boots. These are all made from the softest, most durable and comfortable products on the market.

We know all the questions you might have when shopping for comfy slippers or buying sheepskin boots online, so we want our followers to feel the fluffy warmth through your screen as we demonstrate how each product can work in your home or wardrobe. We hope to inspire, giving you ideas on how to incorporate your sheepskin products into your own life.

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Showcasing Our Sheepskin Pet Beds

One product our customers are always asking about is our sheepskin pet beds, and we hope to really show these off on TikTok. Made from ethically sourced, high-quality sheepskin, our beds provide a soft, cosy resting place that naturally regulates temperature, keeping your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

As well as being undeniably soft, these beds are durable and easy to clean, making them a stylish and practical choice for pet owners looking to pamper their pets in luxury! And now you can see them in real life too:

@jacobsanddalton Upgrading your pet bed to our luxury sheepskin ped beds! 😀 #jacobsanddalton #fyp #foryoupage #sheepskin #petbed #luxury #comfortable #pets ♬ original sound – brett.sewell

How to Clean your Sheepskin Rug

Keeping your sheepskin clean is a big worry for our customers, so we’ve demonstrated in our videos how to properly clean your sheepskin rug. By giving it a gentle shake to remove any loose dirt or debris, then using our soft-bristle brush to fluff up the fibres and restore the rug’s natural beauty, your rug will look as good as new.

Check out how to do so here:

@jacobsanddalton How to clean your Jacobs & Dalton sheepskin rug ✨ #fyp #sheepskinrug #sheepskincare #naturalhome #naturalaesthetic #aesthetic #howto #cleantok #cosyhome #cosyhomedecor ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

And one top tip – this is what not to do!

@jacobsanddalton Please never ever put anything sheepskin into your washing machine! Most marks can be removed with spot cleaning with a damp cloth, and we recommend using a specialist wool detergent for stubborn stains 🧼 #ohno #whoops #oops #sheepskin #babyboots #jacobsanddalton ♬ original sound – Cutekitten🐈

One of the key reasons why we love posting on our TikTok account is because the platform allows us to really show off our products for our customers so they can see them IRL, as well as videos from our real life customers too. We love to share, so send any clips of you with our products this way!

We are always open to answering questions and providing expert advice on everything from sheepskin care to styling and maintenance tips, to ensure that our followers feel connected and well-informed. So please feel free to drop us a line if you have a question we can answer on our TikTok, and make sure to follow us for more!