New In at Jacobs & Dalton

As we come to the end of another year, we’re excited to share a few new products with you that we’ve just recently launched! For those of you that already have quite a collection of J&D products, here’s your opportunity to find something new. Although it makes the decision of what to buy a bit more tricky for those of you who have just discovered us!

First up, we’ve expanded our ever popular ladies’ slipper section to include a new knitted version of our sheepskin mule slippers. Instead of having a suede finish on the exterior, these have a gorgeous cable knit design in a choice of sand or pink. These are on a few of our Christmas lists for friends and relatives this year!

Sand Knitted Mule Slippers – £40

The next new item we’ve launched is from another popular collection, in fact so popular that we sold out of the most popular colours and sizes with 48 hours of restocking them earlier this year! These are our new dark grey Super Short Boots. Hopefully this gives you all another option for your wardrobe in any season.

Dark Grey “Rabbit” Super Short Boots – £45

Don’t forget, sheepskin isn’t just for slippers, boots and rugs, we’ve already got a collection of other items such as footstools, alpaca toys and tumble dryer balls. We’ve now added these fluffy hot water bottle covers that are super soft and cosy for winter nights! These come in navy blue, natural and fawn in two sizes.

Hot Water Bottle Covers – from £35

And finally, we couldn’t leave the little ones out! The last new item we’ve just added to our collection is these gorgeous little knitted baby booties. They’re still made out of the same lovely authentic sheepskin as our others, but these have a knitted rolled cuff around the ankle which helps them to stay in place better on wriggly little ones as well as looking super cute!

Knitted Baby Booties – £25

Have you spotted anything you like?