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These Unexpected Interior Colour Pairings Are Trending for 2024

Have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt energised, calmed or welcomed? Colour is such an important part of your home. Not only can the colours you choose for the different features in your home affect your mood, but they also set the scene for how guests feel in your home too. Different shades and hues can influence our focus, relaxation, and even make people feel more welcome when they come through the front door.

It’s fairly common knowledge now that colour trends come and go season by season and year by year – think of how Mrs Hinch’s grey interiors influenced the mainstream away from beige neutrals towards cool, greyer tones. 

But let’s be honest, who has the time or budget to repaint every year? We’ve got a smarter way to embrace the latest colour trends without starting from scratch! By using your existing items and a few simple styling tricks, you can seamlessly integrate some of 2024’s most unexpected colour pairings into your existing decor. 

Ready to discover how to transform your space? Let’s dive into some of the most popular colour trends for 2024 (and check out how they compare to our colour trend predictions!) and how they can be paired together for surprisingly wonderful results!

Earthy Oasis

This unexpected colour pairing brings together an earthy olive green with warm terracotta.

If you want to evoke a calming and grounded feel, drawing inspiration from nature is the way to go. The most inspiring way we’ve seen this trend work is through pairing olive green and terracotta together. These two shades are commonly seen across the Mediterranean and easily bring a sense of bliss and tranquillity.

This is a mature colour combination that works beautifully across multifunctional spaces as pictured above, blending a functional kitchen with a comfy living space.

Sunset Serenade

This surprising colour duo combines blush pink and burnt orange.

One of our favourite colour trend predictions for 2024 was Sunrise, Sunset, a vibrant collection of orange, red and pink hues. This colour pairing combines blush pink and burnt orange to create a warm and inviting combination that is reminiscent of a beautiful sunset. 

We love the burnt orange shade on the walls of this light bedroom with a rosy pink on the bedding. This creates a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Using soft furnishings such as throw cushions, beddings and rugs along with artwork is a fantastic way to incorporate colour pairings that you would like to experiment with. Our Rosa Pink Cushion makes the perfect accessory to try out this trend!

Ocean Escape

This is a fun colour combo bringing together teal blue and mustard yellow.

Not for the faint of heart, we love the blend of bright teal and vibrant yellow for an energising atmosphere. Picture a clear blue ocean reflecting the bright summer sun! This is a fantastic combination for those just beginning to delve into unusual colour pairings as it just works, trust us!

With this trendy duo, you can go as bold as you like, as pictured above, or simply look for accents of teal or yellow, like our Straw Yellow Tibetan Rug.

Midnight Mystery

This unexpected colour pairing brings together charcoal grey and emerald green.

For drama and depth, be brave and embrace this bold and sophisticated colour combo that’s inspired by the art deco era. Use this as your opportunity to step away from the cool light grey neutral and try soft furnishings in a much richer shade of grey. Our Charcoal Tibetan rug is an easy way to try this trend without investing too hard!

Accent lighting in emerald green gives a classic vibe, and set against a statement charcoal wall, will add vibrancy to the space. We also love the idea of a crushed velvet emerald sofa with dark charcoal scatter cushions!

Modern Muse

In this colour trend pairing, lavender and black come together for a surprisingly delightful combo!

This is an alluring and whimsical combination that brings together a dark and moody shade with a delicate and serene one. Picture lavender fields as daylight turns to dusk. We suggest a 60/40 split of the colours here with black as the dominant backdrop and lavender accents for a light pick-me-up to lift the dramatic space.

Another lovely way to embrace this new way of looking at lavender is to brighten a room with soft lavender walls and use black accents such as metalware on wall lamps, table legs and even on antique light switches.

What do you think, will you try any of these colour combos in 2024?