Our Top 10 Baby Essentials

Oh the newborn days….full of love, happiness, memories that will last a lifetime and endless piles of laundry. Struggling to know what you’ll actually need to fill your baby’s nursery? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 baby essentials you and your little one will need.

Vests and baby grows

It goes without saying that babies get through a lot of clothes, from leaking nappies to spit-up you will find yourself changing your little ones outfit more frequently in a day than yours all week! Babies grow quickly too so we would recommend being well stocked up in the first few sizes just to be prepared. Newborn babies live in comfy and practical clothes like vests and baby grows so it’s always a good idea to have plenty of these essentials. 

Muslin cloths 

Is there nothing a muslin cloth can’t wipe up? Trust us, these little square cloths will become your best friend forever more. Perfect for those post feed spit-ups and all the mess that comes with weaning! Forgot your changing mat? No worries, pop a muslin cloth under your baby to prevent any leakages onto the floor! 

Play mat 

A sheepskin play mat is a perfect addition to your baby’s nursery, sheepskin has so many incredible natural benefits that make it an ideal material for your baby to play and rest on. Sheepskin is hypoallergenic meaning it is the perfect choice for sensitive and delicate skin, it’s also naturally antibacterial and repels dirt which is an added benefit. Play mats aren’t just for playing, our beautiful selection is able to be folded up and taken with you on days out making any surface suitable for your precious little one. Whether you choose to use them for a picnic in the garden, a quick day time nap or practising tummy time, one of these is definitely an essential! 


A pram is an absolute must-have item to be able to go out and about safely with your baby. Make sure to shop around and find a pram that is best suited to you and your family, for North Yorkshire folk like us it’s best to get a robust one built to deal with bumpy walks in the countryside!

Pram liner & footmuff 

Sheepskin footmuffs and pram liners can be used in prams and pushchairs to provide an extra layer of comfort and warmth for your little one when you are out and about. They also offer great protection for the prams too! Naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, these liners are the perfect material next to your baby’s delicate skin. Due to sheepskin’s incredible thermoregulating properties your little one will be kept warm and snuggly on those chilly winter walks and cool and comfortable on warmer days. 

Car Seat 

A car seat is a must-have item in order to safely transport your baby. Just like a pram, your baby’s car seat can be lined with a cosy sheepskin liner. Our luxury car seat liner is suitable for group 1 and group 2 / 3  car seats. Our car seat liner has slots cut into it to allow for perfect harnessing and is manufactured using the highest quality sheepskin sourced in the UK.  


Is there anything cuter than a baby wearing booties? We think not! Perfect to keep their little feet warm and cosy whilst practical enough to keep them supported, a pair of our sheepskin baby booties definitely make our top 10 list! They also make a great keepsake!

Cuddly toy 

This one seems obvious! A cute cuddly toy your baby can snuggle up to and treasure as they grow up is an essential. If you want to make this even more special we recommend finding one that is personalisable. 

Nappy bag 

Babies need a lot of stuff so you will need a big practical bag to put it all in! You can often buy these to match your pram so they fit perfectly underneath it or have a handy strap that can go over the handlebar. 

Changing Mat

Last but not least, a changing mat is a must-have item to prevent any spillages and stains on the carpet! We recommend buying one that can be folded up and thrown in your nappy bag for easy access so that way you won’t be caught short! Forgot your mat whilst you are out? This is where that trusty muslin cloth will come in handy!