Luxury Sheepskin Car Seat Cosy Liner

Product details

Our Luxury Sheepskin Car Seat Cosy Liners are the epitome of luxury and comfort. Its compact and versatile design makes it compatible with a wide range of different car seats, but can also be used in a pram or stroller.

The car seat liner has slots cut into it to allow for perfect harnessing and is manufactured from the highest quality sheepskin sourced in the UK. Sheepskin is heat and flame-resistant while being kind to the skin; this makes it perfect for newborn babies as well as small infants.

Sheepskin also has the benefit of being self-regulating, keeping your baby warm during cold weather and cool during the hot season. The unique shape of the wool fibres also helps to provide support and increase blood circulation.

The natural sheepskin insulation also helps to keep the baby comfortable by reducing friction. Its hypoallergenic properties are suitable for babies with sensitive skin as it helps to soothe rashes and other skin conditions. In addition to that, sheepskin is excellent at absorbing moisture and resisting bacteria as well as dirt, making it easy to keep clean.

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