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10 Ways To Use Sheepskin Rugs

There are very few pieces of home decor that can rival the timeless charm of sheepskin rugs. But did you know that our rugs aren’t just as simple as a standard floor rug? We believe that a sheepskin rug might be one of the most versatile soft furnishings you can have in (or out of!) your home, and here’s why! While the obvious next choice might be to drape them over your beds and sofas, there’s a whole world of design possibilities waiting to be explored.

So today we’re sharing 10 ingenious ways to use your soft and luxurious sheepskins throughout your entire living space, even outdoors. Whether you’re a seasoned home decorator or just looking for fresh inspiration, check out these ideas and let us know if you have any more suggestions!

Wall Art

Frame or hang a large sheepskin rug on your wall as a unique and textured piece of art. The softness and natural texture adds a unique cosy and rustic touch to any space.


Pack a bag and your sheepskin, and head off into the woods camping! Or perhaps we should say glamping – this is tent living at its finest!


Sheepskins make the perfect play area or soft landing for little ones. We love the way that sheepskin is used in Montessori parenting, but they also add a touch of playfulness to a room too, especially our play rugs!

Bed Throw

This is a pretty classic use for a sheepskin rug, but they not only add a touch of style to a bedroom, but they’re also super warm and cosy. You won’t feel overheated though, as a natural material, sheepskin has a special “thermoregulating” property!

Outdoor Living Space

We’re obsessed with outdoor living spaces that feature sheepskin rugs! They’re perfect for crisp autumn days when the sun is shining but the air is chilly, or when summer nights get cool but you want to stay outside. 

Bathroom Bath Mat

Hear us out here! This one might seem a bit unusual, but sheepskin is a naturally water repellent material, so as long as you’re not absolutely soaking it, a fluffy sheepskin underfoot on a cold stone or tile bathroom floor on chilly nights is just the thing you need!

Yoga Mat

This is the ultimate relaxing yoga space in our opinion! You might not want to practise power yoga here, but for yin yoga where the focus is on calming your body, this would be absolute bliss.

Office Chair

We spend as many hours in our office chairs as we do in our beds (maybe more!), so they want to be as comfortable as they can. Our favourite way to make this happen is, of course, sheepskins!

Christmas Decorations

Sheepskin naturally feels cosy and warm, so it’s usually associated with winter. And what’s the best part of winter? Christmas! We love the idea of using sheepskin rugs (and cushions) to create a beautiful Christmas tree skirt.

Window Seat

You can’t beat a cosy nook in your home – we love them for reading, daydreaming and chilling. A sheepskin rug adds that certain something to a window seat meaning you can stay there all day long.

Table Runner

While we wouldn’t recommend using a sheepskin rug as table mats underneath your plates while eating, a sheepskin rug can make a fantastic table runner. It adds a new level of texture, especially against a table with beautiful wood grain.