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Trend of the Month: Wabi-Sabi

As the bright and vibrant days of summer fade into autumn, we find ourselves craving warmth and simplicity more often. So today we’re introducing Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese way of living that encourages slowing down and embracing the world around you.

Rather than thinking of Wabi-Sabi as a fleeting trend, we want you to consider Wabi-Sabi as a new design philosophy to inspire you in your everyday life, and here’s why.

What is Wabi-Sabi?

Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese design philosophy that finds beauty in imperfection, simplicity, and the transient nature of life. It’s an aesthetic that celebrates the charm of weathered, aged, and time-worn objects, urging us to embrace the imperfect world around us. While we encourage you not to think of Wabi-Sabi as a fleeting trend, Wabi-Sabi itself is all about embracing the fleeting nature of life, in fact it’s the main focus of this philosophy. 

Why is Wabi-Sabi the perfect design inspiration for autumn?

Why does Wabi Sabi resonate so beautifully with autumn and winter? The answer lies in its connection to the changing seasons. The decaying leaves hold their own beauty and charm in their changing colours, the textures and scents bring nostalgia. The reminders that things never stay the same and will always change are all around us in autumn. While it may seem melancholic, it also gives us the opportunity to remember to embrace what we have and the natural world around us.

How to decorate your home Wabi-Sabi style

Wabi-Sabi is a gorgeous inspiration for your home style to remind you of the beauty of life. To achieve this aesthetic, start by choosing a muted, earthy colour palette that reflects the colours you see outside your window, like soft greys, muted greens, and warm browns. In autumn especially, you can go for burnished reds, oranges and rusty browns.

Like friluftsliv (our favourite lifestyle trend for lockdown), we recommend selecting natural materials for your Wabi-Sabi styled home like wood and stone. Paired with natural fabrics like shaggy sheepskin rugs and hessian, these add a sense of authenticity and grounding to your space. 

Opt for natural materials like wood and stone for your furniture and decor pieces, as they add a sense of authenticity and grounding to your space. Remember, simplicity is key in Wabi-Sabi decor. Avoid clutter and focus on minimalism, allowing each piece in your space to breathe and stand out.

To choose these key pieces, seek out vintage items that really speak to you: handcrafted ceramics and pottery, furniture with imperfections such as knots in the wood that show the passage of time, and family heirloom tablecloths and fabrics.