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Comfortcore: The Viral Winter Trend for 2023/24

This trend is the secret to cosy home decor in 2024 and beyond. Comfortcore is our absolute favourite trend right now, and the great thing is that it works anywhere in your home.

Comfortcore, much like the widely celebrated concept of hygge, is not just a design trend – it’s a state of mind. It goes beyond the aesthetic appeal, into creating an essence of tranquillity and well-being. As we navigate the hustle and bustle of modern life, our homes become sanctuaries where we seek solace, and comfortcore provides the blueprint for achieving that sought-after sense of comfort.

Here are our top tips on embracing comfortcore in your home to transform your living spaces into cosy sanctuaries:

Snuggle-Worthy Seating

Invest in plush, comfortable seating options like oversized sofas or deep armchairs. Enhance the comfort factor with an abundance of soft, textured cushions and throws. Opt for materials like velvet, faux fur, or chunky knit for that extra touch of cosiness.

Layered Bedding

Create a haven in your bedroom by layering your bed with sumptuous textures. Consider a mix of soft, high-thread-count sheets, a down comforter, and an assortment of decorative pillows. Introduce a throw blanket at the foot of the bed for added warmth and style.

Rugs and Carpets

Infuse comfort into your living spaces by incorporating plush rugs or carpets. Choose materials like wool or shag for a luxurious underfoot feel. The right rug not only adds warmth but also serves as a visual anchor, tying together the elements of your room.

Reading Nooks

The reading nook just screams comfortcore at its finest! Create intimate reading nooks where you can unwind with a good book. Place a comfortable armchair or a cosy bean bag, accompanied by a soft throw and a small side table for your favourite hot beverage. Atmospheric lighting, such as a floor or table lamp, enhances the atmosphere, which leads us to:

Soft Lighting

Opt for warm, soft lighting throughout your home. Layer the lighting with table lamps, floor lamps, and even fairy lights to create a gentle and inviting ambiance. Dimmer switches are a great addition, allowing you to control the intensity of light based on your mood and the time of day.

Natural Elements

Bring in the soothing touch of nature with elements like wooden furniture, indoor plants, stone textures and natural fabrics. These not only contribute to a calming aesthetic but also add an earthy quality that aligns with the comfortcore trend.

Bedside Comfort

Extend the comfortcore philosophy to your bedside for the ultimate comfy, cosy experience. Choose a bedside table with plenty of storage for your favourite books, a soft reading lamp, and a lovely area rug to greet your feet in the morning. Ensure your bedroom exudes a sense of calm and relaxation.

Tactile Textures

The foundation of comfortcore lies in the rich world of tactile textures. Imagine sinking into a plush chair adorned with velvety cushions or your feet sinking into a gorgeously soft sheepskin rug. These textures not only add a visual allure to your space but also invite touch and sensory delight. Whether it’s a chunky knit throw, a faux fur blanket, or a cushion mountain on your bed, incorporating these textures transforms any room into a cocoon of comfort.

So light a candle, put on your favourite one pot meal, snuggle up in your favourite slippers and grab a bit of me time in the cosy spaces you’ve created in your home!