Our Most Popular Spring Sheepskin Buys

Spring has (finally!) sprung – and we’re over the moon!

We’ve just run our annual spring sale to give you the opportunity to refresh your home and wardrobe for the coming seasons at a fraction of the price. And it was during this time that we realised there are some items that you guys are loving much more than others!

We know that sheepskin seems like a winter buy only – soft, fluffy rugs and cushions in front of roaring fires, wrapped up in blankets with your snuggly slippers. But we truly think that are sheepskin products aren’t just for the chilly season.

Did you know that sheepskin has a magical property? While it of course keeps you warm in the winter, sheep’s wool also keeps you cool in the summer! Not only do the oils in the wool help to wick away any moisture on your skin, but the suede fabric is breathable allowed airflow around your feet or body.

And as an extra bonus, some of our sheepskins and boots just look gorgeous in the spring and summer!

So here are a few of our sheepskin products that you went crazy for during the spring sale, ones that you might want to snap up now for the summer months!

Top Pick: Beige Short Wool Sheepskin Rug

The Beige Short Wool Sheepskin Rug is the most picked during our Spring sale!

The Beige Short Wool Sheepskin Rug adds a touch of warmth and light to any room! The lovely light beige colour and curly sheeps wool makes it perfect for homes with a natural boho feel without being overly fussy.

Graphite Grey Short Wool Sheepskin Rug

The Graphite Grey Short Wool Sheepskin Rug followed closely behind in sales, and we can see exactly why! This versatile rug can be used anywhere in your home, adding a touch of comfort and style to a chair, sofa, or bed, some customers have even used theirs outdoors thrown over garden chairs to create a luxury outdoor space as the night draws in.

Seat Pad – Cream White Circle

Our Cream White Circle Seat Pad is actually one of our clearance products so is already excellent value, but we’ve noticed you’ve all gone mad for them! They add a touch of luxury to a dining table, whether indoors or outdoors, and make for super easy but luxe decor.

Cream White Double Sheepskin Rug & Double Sided Cushions

We actually saw equal quantities sold of our Cream White Double Sheepskin Rug and Double Sided Cream White Sheepskin Cushions which is funny as they are a perfect match for one another! We love both of these in spring as they add a touch of luxury and lightness to your home, but also help stave off those chillier April shower days!

Natural Speckled (Light) Sheepskin Rug

Our Natural Speckled Light Sheepskin Rug is a lovely pick for any home! This rug offers a soft and thick coat and an aesthetic appeal, thanks to the natural speckles.

Super Short Sheepskin Boots – Elderberry

Our Chestnut Super Short Sheepskin Boots are usually our bestseller (so much so that we’ve sold out of them twice!), but this season, we’ve noticed we’re packing up far more of the Elderberry Super Short Sheepskin Boots! These are a gorgeous soft shade of lavender, and we can understand why they make the perfect spring update for your wardrobe!

Tibetan Sheepskin Rug – Mushroom

Last on our list but also popular throughout the entire is the Mushroom Tibetan Sheepskin Rug. This sheepskin is super soft – we can’t explain just how soft it is, you really have to feel it! The mushroom shade is the ideal blend of grey and brown that makes a perfect neutral for any home.