Beige Back Country (Rustic) Sheepskin Rug

Product details

The long curly wool is super soft and goes well with any home interior. This shaggy long curly wool gives a laid back and relaxing ambience in your home.

The beauty of our sheepskin rugs is not only in the quality, but that you can display them anywhere in your home for that sophisticated look and always get gorgeous results. Placing them on the floor, tossed over an arm chair or bar stool, or even draped over a bannister. Unleash your creativity in your home with this gorgeous sheepskin rug!

Sheepskin rugs are a customer favourite and bestseller for a reason!  Along with the high quality of our long wool curly sheepskin rugs, comfort is very special to have in your home. They are irresistibly soft to the touch, perfect for meditation spaces. This beige sheepskin rug fits perfectly with any modern or traditionally designed home, making it super versatile.

Create a talking point in your home today with this gorgeous fleece. Anyone who sees it will definitely want their own.

A final fantastic attribute to sheepskin rugs is the fact you don’t need any fancy cleaning products. Simply give your rug a quick shake outside in your garden once every so often to remove any debris, a quick brush on any tangles, and you’re good to go.

Size: W55cm L95cm

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