Green Sheepskin Rug

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The soft, mossy green colouring of this luxurious sheepskin rug is perfect for adding a touch of charming originality and a unique look to any style of interior decor. The gorgeous, subtle green tones are particularly ideal for rooms with ecological, natural furnishings and wooden flooring.

Even the deep-pile itself helps to create further varied shades of leafy green colours. This elegant rug will instantly create an atmosphere of calm tranquillity while adding warmth and texture to any room and its unique appearance is ideal for creating a wonderful centrepiece that everyone will admire.

A sheep skin rug is not only luxurious but also has healthy, anti-bacterial properties and comfort that synthetic manmade materials simply cannot equal. The density of the woollen fibres with their crimped, spiralling texture, provides support for aching feet or limbs and the self-regulating properties of wool make it comfortable all year round.

The natural insulation and absorbency of sheepskin mean this beautiful rug is equally at home on the floor or can be used to cushion any hard seat, chair or sofa, turning it into a favourite cosy retreat in the winter and a comfortable spot in the heat of summer.

Single – W55cm x L90cm

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