Indigo Sheepskin Rug

Product details

Indigo is a deep, rich blue shade that has been used in natural fabric dye for thousands of years, making it the ideal complementary colour for sheepskin. The natural therapeutic characteristics of sheepskin pair perfectly with this grounding colour. Our customers like to use this particular indigo sheepskin rug in a yoga or meditation space.

The gorgeously soft deep pile of this shaggy sheepskin instantly transforms a room from plain and boring to decadent and luxurious. Whether tossed over the back of a sofa or perfectly placed on a stone tiled or wooden floor, in a modern city apartment, new build home or traditional farmhouse, this indigo rug is a stunning choice that will draw the eye in an otherwise neutral space.

Sheepskin rugs have amazing natural properties, such as the fleece being considered hypoallergenic and providing insulation, keeping you cool when it’s hot or cosy and warm when it’s chilly, meaning that they’re perfect for young children’s bedrooms and babies’ play spaces. They’re also wonderfully soft to the touch, totally irresistible, so make sure to grab one for your own living space too!

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