Luxury Sheepskin Pram Cosy Liner

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Why settle for a normal pram liner when a sheepskin pram liner has numerous benefits for your child? Aside from the obvious luxury of settling into the softness of a beautiful, wool liner, that extraordinary comfort is backed by facts about the natural benefits of wool.

Wool is warm, but it also naturally assists in regulating body heat; lowering the temperature in bodies that are getting too warm and helping raise temperature when the body is cold. This is an important feature for newborns and young infants as they're unable to regulate their own body heat. The fibres of the sheepskin are also amazingly smooth, hypo-allergenic and contain lanolin which is soothing to irritated or inflamed skin. Sheepskin also wicks moisture away from the body and naturally deters dirt, dust and bacteria.

Choosing a suitable pram liner is one thing, but choosing a pram liner with all the natural and healthy benefits of sheep's wool is a smart choice. You want the best for your child and sheepskin, for pram liners, is the best.

This sheepskin pram liner is universal and fits most buggies and prams. Will also work in most car seats.

Long wool, Ivory colour.

Size: 76x35.5cm

Wool length: apx. 45mm

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