Ram Play Rug

Product details

Our adorable, and extremely cuddly Ram Play Rug is the perfect addition to any bedroom or playroom, and its neutral colour scheme makes it the perfect choice for both boys and girls.

Measuring 98cm by 71cm, this play rug is big enough to explore and play without taking up too much space. This timeless rug can be used in your child’s bedroom and is guaranteed to be an essential part of their bedroom furniture as they grow, evoking memories for you and them, no matter how old they are.

Sheepskin wool is an excellent choice for a little one's bedroom or playroom, thanks to its natural hypoallergenic properties and its natural ability to deter dirt, bacteria, mould and mites. Sheepskin wool is a natural fibre and an excellent all-round choice for your child's health.

Size: 98cm x 71cm

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