Tipped Sheepskin Rug

Product details

Our fantastic natural tipped sheepskin rug is made from sustainably sourced British fleeces. Our softly tipped sheepskin rug has a natural cream colour with tips dyed with brown to give a unique yet natural look. The rug has an extra thick fleece and a durable suede backing to prevent it from sliding on wooden floors.

Not only does the tipped sheepskin offer you an added touch of sumptuous texture to any room, but also makes a perfect play mat for babies and young infants. We produce our luxury sheepskin rugs to maintain their hypoallergenic properties for natural heat regulation.

The rug has an airy feel and an extremely soft touch, making it hard for anyone to resist. All our sheepskin products are made from the finest fleeces that are renowned for their impeccably durable wool fibres.

What about your health? Well, our sheepskin rugs offer natural health benefits such as providing support for achy limbs thanks to the springy properties of wool fibres. Additionally, sheepskin wool regulates body temperature by letting heat escape when it's too hot and increasing the heat when it's too cold.

Single – W55cm x L90cm

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