Brown Bear Play Rug

Product details

This sheepskin play rug is 100% comfortable and 100% natural. Use it in your baby’s bedroom, playroom or living room for the ultimate relaxed and soothing environment in which to play, explore or sleep.

Natural sheepskin is breathable and insulating, keeping your baby cool in summer and warm in winter. Sheepskin is also naturally hypoallergic, flame resistant, wicks moisture away from baby’s tender skin, deter dirt and bacteria, and helps to promote relaxation or restful sleep.

The bear play rug can vary slightly in size as sheepskin is a natural product, but approximate dimensions are 130cm x 80cm. Available in a deep dark brown colour, this beautiful bear play rug looks great in any room.

Sheepskin is generally self-cleaning because of its natural lanoline, but if it does need cleaning, you can spot clean small stains with Woolskin Shampoo mixed with a little water and wipe clean with a piece of cloth.

Brushing this sheepskin play rug helps to maintain the wool pile and is easy with a stiff-bristled brush, comb, or a pet brush. The Bear play rug can also be washed on a gentle cycle in a machine.

Size: 130cm x 80cm

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