Chestnut Sheepskin Baby Button Booties

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There is something about baby shoes that melts the heart, and baby booties are a must-have item in a baby wardrobe. Soft, warm and supportive, these Chestnut Sheepskin Baby Button Booties provide a natural touch to any outfit.

Why choose sheepskin?
Sheepskin has a lot of health benefits. Some of the benefits include the fact that they support the pressure points of the feet, providing your baby with a stable base to explore the world. The wool also helps to regulate the temperature of the body and encourage blood circulation, keeping your baby’s feet warm in cold weather and cool in the summer.

Booties made of sheepskin are very comfortable. The material helps to reduce friction and discomfort, meaning that they can be worn for longer. The fact that sheepskin also absorbs moisture helps with comfort more by keeping the baby’s feet dry.

The suede exterior and soft wool lining are made from the finest sheepskin and the button and loop feature on the side allows for secure closure. Available in 3-6 month, 6-9 month and 12-month sizes, these Sheepskin Baby Button Booties are a great addition to any baby wardrobe.

Sole Measurements:

3-6 months - 13cm

6-9 months - 14cm

12 months - 15cm

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