Kids Black Classic Sheepskin Boots

Product details

These kids black classic sheepskin boots are made from the highest quality skins to keep your little one's feet warm and comfortable all year round. Water and stain-resistant, our boots will give you peace of mind when your children run towards the dirt and puddles.

These boots come with flexible rocker bottom and light sole providing support and comfort for running, jumping and generally being a kid. Our classic sheepskin boots are double-stitched to create a highly durable bond, and the thick EVA rubber sole helps with stability and grip.

The classic design of these boots means that your child can wear them with a range of different outfits, so much so that they may want to wear them every time they go outside.

Please note that the boots might feel tight when they try them on for the first time, but this will change within the first few hours of having them on as the sheepskin will mould into shape.

Our Kids Black Classic Sheepskin Boots are available in kids sizes 7-13 and youth sizes 1,2 and 3.

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