Ladies Burgundy Mule Sheepskin Slippers

Product details

If you’re looking for luxury, then the feeling of sinking into a comfortable pair of mule sheepskin slippers after a long day is a perfect choice.

Our burgundy mule sheepskin slippers are lightweight, but the outer rubber sole provides a firm grip providing you with the option to wear inside and outside the house.

Supportive and cushioned, the slippers alleviate pain and improve mobility. This cushion provides your feet with protection, support, and relaxation.

The soft suede exterior and insulating wool lining offer comfort, and the versatile design makes them easy to slip on. These mule slippers are also made breathable for your feet and the sheepskin material naturally gives you soft padding for a cosy experience.

Our slippers are made of 100% genuine sheepskin, which has amazing thermoregulating properties, so your feet will be guaranteed to stay warm during the winter, as well as cool during the summer.

We have sizes of 3, 5 & 7 available, and deliver out in 3-5 days.

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