Chestnut Mule Sheepskin Slippers

Product details

These Ladies Chestnut Mule Sheepskin Slippers are made from the highest quality sheepskin and are designed to our exacting standards to produce a slipper that is hard to beat.

These slippers are manufactured from sheepskin and have a suede exterior and wool interior to keep your feet warm and comfortable at all times. These are the slippers you need to have on every time you want to stroll around and step up in style.

Our mule slippers come in an easy slip-on design that makes them stand out from the crowd, and feature premium lined footbed and a heavy-duty EVA rubber outsole.

The Ladies Chestnut Mule Sheepskin Slippers are designed with you in mind and are highly durable since they do not absorb moisture, are anti-bacterial and are easy to clean and maintain.

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