Ladies Cream Open Toe Mule Sheepskin Slippers

Product details

Made with super soft, genuine sheepskin these cosy fluffy slider style slippers provide the warmth and comfort you’re looking for all year round. 

These cute cream mule sheepskin slippers look good all around your home. In fact, they’re so comfortable and stylish that we can’t bear to take them off when we leave the house! Luckily the sole is designed to be strong and durable, meaning that these open toe mule slippers will last for years to come.

If you’re looking to gift these for somebody or fancy having some of your own, you can’t go wrong. You're looking at a top quality and long lasting product that we pride ourselves here at Jacobs & Dalton. 

If you’re wondering about keeping these slippers clean, despite the gorgeous light cream colour, thankfully they take little to no effort. Sheep’s wool is naturally dirt resistant with antibacterial properties, so you just need to give them a quick light brush and spot clean any marks, and they’re good as new.