Ladies Pink Moccasin Slippers

Product details

Our range of cute pink moccasin slippers feature light EVA rubber outsoles and are perfect for lounging around in the house or doing light outdoor tasks. The sole is made from non-marking materials so that your tiles, floorboards, or carpets are not damaged.

These slippers have a classic and simple slip-on design and a rawhide lacing system made of genuine leather. This slipper is lined with sheepskin made of English wool and suede, which is sustainably sourced to ensure the finest quality products.

When it comes to the sheepskin used in our slippers, it has many advantages over other manmade or synthetic fabrics. For example, sheepskin helps to regulate your body temperature and improve blood circulation. The wool removes moisture and is hypoallergenic, protecting the skin.

It also has a substance called lanolin that soothes the skin. The outer coating of protein on the wool fibre is very smooth, so sheepskin fibres can move and absorb movement easily, reducing friction and providing support to the wearer.

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