Ladies Stone Mule Sheepskin Slippers

Product details

These comfy slip-on sheepskin mule slippers are now available in this beautiful shade of stone, a gorgeous warm blend of grey and beige designed to suit every style and taste.

Wearing these gorgeous sheepskin slippers feels like an absolute dream. They’re extra cosy inside thanks to the soft sheep's wool lining, and with an added fluffy collar, they’re super stylish too. With a professionally stitched upper and a sturdy sole, they’re hard-wearing, long-lasting and easy to wear inside and out all year round.

We love choosing these mule slippers as gifts for friends and family. They’re the perfect gift for any occasion, and when delivered in a beautiful gift box, complete with ribbons and tissue paper, they’re sure to wow any loved one.

Cleaning these slippers takes little to no effort. Just give them a quick light brush and spot clean any marks, and they’re good as new. Even better, sheepskin has natural antibacterial qualities meaning that they’re perfect for everyday wear on your feet, and the sheep’s wool naturally insulates to keep your toes cosy and warm, no matter the weather. These slippers are made to last.

We pride ourselves in our quality and every last detail goes into our stock to ensure you, the customer, receive a well established product and walk away feeling happy.

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