Light Blue Sheepskin Turned Down Baby Booties

Product details

These Light Blue Sheepskin Turned Down Baby Booties help your baby to play and explore in extreme comfort and warmth. The plush wool lining and soft suede exterior are hardwearing and durable, providing stability and support for growing feet. The padded footbed is specially designed to keep your baby’s feet in the right position while being supple enough to aid natural movement.

The minimalist sole is primarily designed for indoor or light outdoor use, but are ideal for baby’s that venture out in strollers or prams as the sheepskin material is self-regulating, meaning that it will keep baby’s feet warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months.

The handy slip-on design makes these booties easy to put on and take off, while the pre-treated exterior is water and stain resistant should the worst happen.

The Light Blue colour of these booties makes them easy to match with an array of outfits and with sizes ranging from 3-6 months to 12 months you can be sure that these booties will become a staple of your baby’s wardrobe.

Sole Measurements:

3-6 months - 13cm

6-9 months - 14cm

12 months - 15cm