Men's Black Moccasin Slippers

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If you think modern, trendy footwear is not conducive with warm and comfortable, think again. These contemporary men’s black moccasin slippers are an ideal way to help you relax those tired feet that have spent their time squeezed into office shoes or heavy working boots throughout the day.

With the sheepskin’s natural ability to regulate heat, they will keep your feet warm on the coldest days, and cool in the warmer months. Genuine sheepskin fibres are crimped, meaning they can absorb and cushion the pressure between your feet and the floor, a characteristic not found in man-made fibres or mixed yarns. This provides support to the foot, helping to relieve aches and pains while aiding with blood circulation.

These Jacobs and Dalton moccasin slippers, lined with the highest quality British sheepskin, offer ultimate comfort while allowing tired feet to breathe and expand. With an EVA rubber outsole and high-quality stitching, they provide superior, all-day interior footwear solution you won’t want to take off.

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