Natural Cream/Brown Sheepskin Rug

Product details

This natural cream and brown rare breed sheepskin has a very soft pile, which makes this beautiful sheepskin rug the perfect addition to any household. Each rug is unique, this one offers tones of creams and browns.

Our genuine sheep wool rugs offer a soft, cosy, silky fleece that provides warmth and comfort whether you want to place it on the floor or use it as a cover for your best chair making them a versatile addition to any home.

A sheepskin rug not only provides every room with a sense of lush texture but is also an ideal play rug for babies and small children due to its natural hypoallergenic and thermoregulatory properties. Sheepskin has also been shown to relieve pain while providing support and makes a great bed for a pet.

We source our sheepskins from the best tanneries and beam houses across the UK and the world to ensure that the final products we offer our customers are of the highest quality.

Single – W55cm x L90cm

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