How to Freshen Up Your Home for Spring

The big ‘Spring Clean’…it’s that time of year already! Is there anything better than having a good sort out, wiping down all the surfaces and having your home feeling fresh and ready for the new season? Ok, it would be better if we had a magic cleaning fairy to do all the hard work for us but unfortunately that’s not the case! But is there anything else you can do to make your home feel even more spring ready? Absolutely! We are going to be sharing our spring cleaning top-tips that often get missed off people’s to-do lists and our favourite items to bring a pop of seasonal colour inside! 

Clean house and declutter

This may seem obvious but it’s essential to start with a clean slate. Rope the family into helping get the house spick and span upstairs and down! You will feel instantly refreshed and revitalised once that layer of stale winter dust is wiped away and the clean surface underneath is revealed. Once everything is cleaned and freshened up it’s time to put away any leftover winter décor so you are left with a fairly blank canvas to accessorise to your heart’s content. This is the biggest job to do but once it’s done then you will feel so much better and ready to embrace the upcoming warmer months!

Air it out 

Get your windows opened and allow that gorgeous spring air to fill your home, this is mother nature’s air freshener and nothing works better to get rid of stagnant smells trapped in your home. Since the pandemic began we’ve been told time and time again to let fresh air circulate our homes to help reduce the amount of germs so this is something we should all be doing regularly! Not only does fresh air help to banish germs from your house but dust too! It’s a win-win in our eyes! One of our top tips is to make sure you clean your windows inside and out to make the most of beautiful spring days even when your windows are firmly shut. 

Refresh rugs and cushions 

This is a job that often gets forgotten about yet it is so important to keep your home accessories looking fresh and new! We love accessorising our homes with sheepskin rugs and cushions (obviously!) and it’s very important that these are looked after to ensure they stay looking like new for as long as possible! Due to sheepskin being a natural product, it’s generally very easy to look after compared to man-made materials. We recommend following our product care guide for our advice on how to properly look after your cushions and rugs. Unless your item is noticeably soiled we always recommend a good shake and brush to freshen up the fibres and get it looking like new. Just doing this simple trick will have your living spaces looking fresh and inviting. 

Bring the outside in with fresh flowers 

We love nothing more than bringing fresh blooms inside, it’s the ultimate way to bring spring into your home. Tulips, daffodils, lilacs and hyacinths are our favourites for this time of year. There’s something about a bright bouquet that can just instantly uplift your mood and inject life back into your home. 

Add a touch of colour

Now your home is spick and span and all the memories of winter have been put away, it’s time to have some fun and add a pop of colour into your home! For us, spring is all about the pastel tones, think of snowdrops and bluebells making their first appearance through the lightly frosted ground. We recommend using pastel colours in your home to add a touch of spring colour, we especially love our pink tibetan sheepskin cushion paired with our rosa pink sheepskin rug to accessorise sofas and beds. Pink not in your colour scheme? No problem, we also love to decorate with our green sheepskin rug in the warmer months, this gorgeous shade is so versatile and one of the top colour trends for 2022! 

And last but certainly not least, a pair of spring themed slippers to match your bright and fresh home! Spring is the perfect time to try new things and a gorgeous pair of our light blue or light pink slippers are the perfect accessory to compliment the season of new beginnings.