Ladies Pink Mule Sheepskin Slippers

Product details

These pink mule sheepskin slippers are made from a soft suede upper section and lined with luxuriously soft genuine English sheep's wool for a wonderfully comfortable feeling. In fact, many of our customers insist that wearing our mule slippers is like a gentle hug for your feet.

This backless, slip-on mule design includes a soft, wool-lined footbed over a tough EVA rubber outsole. The outsole has a durable traction tread which makes these slippers perfect for both indoor use and light outside chores like taking out the bins or recycling. The rubber sole is durable but also kind to all floor types whether its wood, tile or carpet so you can wear these slippers in every room without worry.

The suede exterior is long-lasting, meaning that these slippers will look like new even after years of continuous use, and the soft wool lining will provide many years of support and comfort. Thanks to the backless design, these slippers are easy to slide on and off and are an ideal gift for a loved one.

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