Black Sheepskin Rug

Product details

Not only is this black sheepskin rug incredibly easy on the eye, but it's also extremely soft to the touch. This particular rug is perfectly sized to be used as a throw rug, chair covering, or even as a resting place for your beloved pet.

This easy to clean and maintain rug is made from natural sheepskin, which has many amazing natural properties. The fibres in sheep's wool are incredibly resilient, and will constantly maintain their original shape and configuration, even after many years of heavy use.

Sheepskin is self-regulating, meaning that it keeps your body warm while still being breathable, making it a great accessory for year-round use. Sheepskin has also been shown to improve circulation, while the anti-bacterial properties of the wool are kind to the skin.

Versatile and luxurious, this sleek and stylish black sheepskin rug adds a natural elegance to any room in your house. All of our sheepskin rugs are sourced from sustainable sources in the UK, ensuring that our products are of the highest quality and will provide you with many years of service.


Single – W55cm x L90cm

Double – W55cm x L170cm

Quad – W110cm x L170cm

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