Brown Curly Wool Sheepskin Pet Bed

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Sheepskin is wonderfully soft, and we have been using it for hundreds of years to provide comfort and warmth to our loved ones. That is why sheepskin pet beds are so popular because your furry friends also deserve the very softest places to relax and sleep.

Aside from its softness and comfort, this curly wool sheepskin pet bed also has a number of other natural properties. It is strong and durable enough to stand up to everyday use while keeping its shape and sheepskin is naturally absorbent and washable; this means that even when you bring a soggy pet home from a walk in the rain, you do not have to worry about its bed.

Your pet can safely snuggle into its bed, and the sheepskin will keep it nice and warm and if it gets a little dirty in the process, it is simple to clean and maintain to keep it looking new.

Sheep\\\\\\\'s wool is even good at resisting smells thanks to its natural antibacterial properties while the deep brown colour matches effortlessly into your existing home décor.

Small – 74cm x 46cm
Medium – 89cm x 56cm
Large – 104cm x 66cm

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