Brown Luxury Sheepskin Pet Bed

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Sheepskin has long been considered a luxurious natural material for hundreds of years and is especially prevalent in Scandinavian culture. Now even your pet can enjoy this little piece of luxury for themselves with our brown luxury sheepskin pet bed. Its sheer presence is sure to give your room that extra homely feeling.

Your pet will be left feeling rejuvenated after a few periods of sleep here, thanks in part to the beneficial aspects of sheepskin on their general health. The soft material is well known to relieve aches and pains; a perfect tonic for a pet who's been active all day, or one that may be recovering from a recent injury or operation. It also helps regulate body temperature, ensuring they won't become too hot or cold while sleeping.

If you have a pet that struggles to settle down, the soft wool fibres of sheepskin may be just the thing they need. With such little friction, it's easy to fall into a deep sleep, and they'll happily come back for more. Plus, its breathability brings another benefit that shouldn't be underestimated.

Of course, the multi-shaded brown finish means it fits into any interior décor effortlessly, while providing an elegant and sophisticated look to any room. When it comes to pet bedding, sheepskin is the perfect choice.

Small – 74cm x 46cm
Medium – 89cm x 56cm
Large – 104cm x 66cm

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