Kids Chestnut Classic Sheepskin Boots

Product details

Enhance the comfort for your children both indoors and outdoors with our Kids Chestnut Classic Sheepskin Boots. These super-soft sheepskin boots are pre-treated against water and staining from a whole lot of things, from dirt to tea and even ketchup.

They are lightweight and have a soft, warm feel on the legs and have a flexible sole to allow kids to move, play, run and jump with ease. The outsole is textured to enhance grip on various surfaces and the added padding provides support and stability. This boot is made from real sheepskin with a heavy-duty suede exterior and wool interior to provide a durable boot that is built to last.

Sheepskin offers several benefits over other materials. It helps improve blood circulation by maintaining body temperature and is also a natural bacteria and mould repellent. This helps to prevent skin infections and enhances comfort, especially if the boot is worn the whole day. Sheepskin has a natural wicking effect that enables it to absorb all moisture from sweating, keeping the feet dry.

Available in kids sizes 7 through 13 and youth sizes 1 to 3, our kid\\\'s sheepskin boots are the perfect accessory for your child.

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