Kids Pink Classic Sheepskin Boots

Product details

Your children need boots that are not only strong and durable but are also comfortable and able to withstand day to day wear, and our kid's classic sheepskin boots are a perfect choice.

Manufactured from the highest quality sheepskin, these boots are strong and durable, while being incredibly comfortable. Finished with a water-resistant coating, these sheepskin boots are easy to clean and will look great even after years of use.

They feature a thick, texture sole specially designed to let your child run, jump and play easily. Whether you are planning a day out, a trip to the beach or just relaxing at home, the classic styling means that these boots go with virtually any clothing choice from casual to dressed up.

The soft pink colour of these boots are great for those who want to lighten their closet, but we also stock these in a range of different colours to match your child’s mood. Available in kids sizes 7-13, and youth sizes 1-3.

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